Speaker and Amplifier repairs

now in Queensland

Total Recoil Queensland is privately owned and operated by Boyd Kraigher. After extensive research of the market, Total recoil began as a small repair business in 1995 out of less than 10m2 floorspace in Thornbury, Victoria with approximately 75m2, with workshop, development areas, showroom and more.

Total Recoil Queensland recognised that there was a market for the repair of speakers, as opposed to simply replacing them. Previously many speakers were simply thrown away until Boyd discovered that parts could be purchased and stocked from the manufacturers. Over the years, they have built a massive supply of spare parts. The business has expanded to service many industry’s including P.A and Pro Audio, HiFi and Home Theatre and Car Audio. They have changed the misconception that speakers cannot be repaired.

Total Recoil Queensland has grown beyond even Boyd’s expectations and together with the skilled team of staff continues to grow. They are looking to further expand their business and are constantly working on new innovative ideas and technology. Don’t throw your speakers away. Let Boyd and staff work some of their magic with them and have them sounding even better than new!